Townes Van Zandt Tributes January 2020

Just like every year, there will be numerous Townes Van Zandt Tribute shows around the world on New Year‘s Day or shortly thereafter, namely

The 23 Annual Townes Van Zandt Wake in Galveston, TX

The 17th Annual TZV Tribute in Louisville, KY

The 7th Annual TVZ Tribute in Terlingua, TX

The 4th Annual TVZ Day in Minneapolis, MN

The 2nd Annual Memphis Tribute to TVZ in Memphis, TN

The TVZ New Year‘s Day Tribute in High Bridge, NJ

Hogan & Moss performing songs of TVZ and Blaze Foley in Alpine, TX

The New Year’s Day TVZ and Hank Williams Tribute Show in Edmonton, Canada

The Hank Williams & TVZ Tribute Night in Steyr, Austria

Special recommendations this year for the international lineup that has been put together for The TVZ and Hank Williams Tribute in Vienna, Austria.

mit: Eric Arn (USA), Roy Culbertson III (USA), Herald K. (NOR), Othmar L., Dylan Whiting (NZL), Inga Lynch, Dominik Plangger (IT)/Claudia Fenzl/Max Mayerhofer + Lesung von Martin Wimmer (DE)
Sa., 11.01.2020 @ LOCAL, Wien